Free Speech Not Just Censored but Silenced

I wrote last week that the Star News was censoring the news. By editing an opinion piece and then going a step beyond with the verbose yet void retraction, the Star News has made a mockery out of journalism. For those of us who pay any attention to local current events, we know you’re not giving us the unbiased news. But never has the Star been so blatant in its corrupt cronyism (to steal a phrase from Moynihan) until now. And firing Moynihan? Firing an opinion columnist for writing his opinion—an opinion, mind you, that was read and edited by you before printed? Not only does our local paper not support the freedom of speech but they’re actually in the business of silencing free speech. That’s a paradox that, quite frankly, blows my mind.


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Star Censors Truth about Benny Bills

I woke up yesterday morning to the brilliant op-ed piece in the Hendersonville Star News written by Matt Moynihan. I’d love to offer you a link to the story, but Matt Anderson at The Star explained that the column will not be posted on their website. No, instead they are printing a retraction because of what Anderson calls inaccuracies. There are no inaccuracies, unless Anderson is referring to the line added by the paper which states that ex-principal Jim Butler’s receiving 100% health insurance coverage is due to a clerical error. Yes, the Star News ADDED that bit of info to Moynihan’s column. And I do have mounds of proof that no such clerical error was made. Benny Bills himself offered the best proof in a 2 page letter defending and justifying his choice to cover 100% of Butler’s insurance. Benny, you’ve got so many lies out there, you just can’t keep them all straight. So why did the Star add this “inaccuracy” to Moynihan’s story? Why add anything to an op-ed piece? And if the school system offers you “clerical error” as an explanation, why not check to see if it’s true before inserting it into someone’s column? Why?

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Bills Breaks the Law, Board Says “Way to Go”

Benny Bills seems to think he has the right to hand out taxpayer dollars as if they were his own. But here’s the thing. He doesn’t have the right to do that. Board attorney Jim Fuqua stated that Benny Bills acted illegally. So how does our school board handle this information? By playing politics and voting to uphold the illegal decisions made by Bills. So Beth Cox, Ted Wise, Rob Wheeler, Glen Gregory, Ben Harris, David Brown, and Will Duncan, I’d like for you to explain to those teachers retiring why Jim Butler or the other three deserve more than them. I’d like for you to explain to the taxpayers why their money, rather than buying textbooks for our kids, is instead paying for the insurance of a man who should have been fired. I’d like for you to explain to our students why Benny Bills and yourselves are not required to uphold the law. I think we all deserve an explanation.

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SCEA Actions Are Not Quite Mission-Driven

It is really such a shame that this blog article has to be written. There are so many critical issues and challenges currently facing Sumner County Schools—budget shortfalls, under-achieving schools, severely entrenched bureaucracy—that I hate taking the time to address the misconduct of the Sumner County Education Association (SCEA). However, I feel compelled to bring to light the deplorable actions recently taken by the SCEA.

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A Different Perspective on Sumner County’s “Great” Schools

TVASS results for a specific school district are shown as compared to the State Average and what is referred to as the Growth Standard. The Growth Standard is the MINIMAL expectation for student academic progress. It is represented by the score 0.0 and is equal to 1 year’s worth of growth. The State Average is actually below the Growth Standard. Sumner County’s 2009 results and 3-Year Average’s are below the Growth Standard and below the State Average in all four subjects for grades 3-8.

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Preparing Graduates, Engaging Minds, Developing Character

The mission of Sumner County Schools is to prepare their students for life beyond the classroom by helping them become responsible, productive, and respectful citizens.

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